Nov 16

Ever-Vibrant Broad Ripple


By: Laurie Schneider, The Hatch

As a little girl, Broad Ripple was a place of great wonderment. Just a couple of blocks away from our house, my sister and I would ride our bikes into the Village where we’d be soon be surrounded by colorful wall murals, eclectic shops and eateries and people from all walks of life. Even in those early days, Broad Ripple was a place where my imagination was free to roam, opportunities were endless and everyone was accepted and welcomed.

As a young professional – out of college, ready to take on the world and for the first time on my own – returning to Broad Ripple seemed like a natural fit. The scenery had changed a bit. The addition of the Monon brought new energy and foot traffic into the area. New restaurants had opened and chefs were exploring new culinary tastes and getting rave reviews. New companies were opening throughout Broad Ripple bringing with them creative-minded professionals that added to the existing culture of painters, photographers and artists. The area was vibrant with activity, ideas and people bringing these ideas to life.

Years later, when my partners and I were looking for the perfect location for our creative-focused coworking space, The Hatch, Broad Ripple again felt like a natural fit. Located conveniently between the booming Northside neighborhoods of Carmel and Fishers and evolving Downtown Indianapolis, Broad Ripple is the perfect location for those who want to mix work and play and, for people like our members, for those that want to create. Broad Ripple’s rich history in creative expression and its emphasis on support of individuals and small businesses encompassed everything our company stood for. The central location, energy and diverse offering make it an unparalleled location to for anyone looking to be a part of a dynamic community.

Broad Ripple is continuing to evolve. And we’re excited to be a part of its evolution. Each year, the Village gains new amenities and experiences while keeping its unique charm and independent bend. Old buildings are being repurposed into bustling businesses and art galleries. New developments bring in new ways to experience Broad Ripple and add to the variety of food options locals can enjoy. And communities like The Coil provide more ways to live and enjoy this rich neighborhood that has so much to offer.

We’re proud to call Broad Ripple home and be a part of this energizing and vibrant community.


Oct 16

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